"In order to fly, you have to give up the ground you are standing on."

Elia Wise, author of LETTER TO EARTH, has a history of accomplishment in many fields. Known for original thinking and for her ability to communicate complex ideas in easily accessible and meaningful ways, Elia makes new discoveries in consciousness research, psychology and new science excitingly relevant to our personal lives.

Before tapping her potential in the area of consciousness research, Elia successfully explored the business world. At twenty she invented PEOPLEPAPER, a decorative poster product that was sold internationally. Elia and her product were written up in Time Magazine and featured in news programs, including Good Morning America with Barbara Walters.

At twenty-two, after her early success as an inventor and entrepreneur, Elia put all else aside and reclaimed a devoted inquiry into the nature of reality that she had begun at age eight. "From the time I was old enough to grasp that life is an everyday event, I wanted to know how it all works, who we all are and why we are here." The path soon led her to an extraordinary mentor. "I was privately tutored for four years and then I weaned myself from her tutelege. My mentor almost never explained anything. Much like Arthur with Merlin, she would pop me in and out of other realities and let me directly discover the multidimensional nature of things. She told me that explaining it was my job! Although my mantra throughout those years was 'include, include, include, integrate, integrate, integrate,' it took me 12 years to fully integrate what I had experienced and learned." This four year private tutelage prepared Elia to do her life work. LETTER TO EARTH is a cornerstone of that work.

Elia continues to work as an Applied Metaphysicist (one who generates and/or makes practical application of consciousness research and metaphysical theory). She has facilitated experiential learning programs for therapists, psychologists, corporations and other special interest groups; lectured at colleges and growth centers; and spoken at conferences devoted to New Science and Consciousness Development.

Elia's teaching and speaking experience includes several notable institutions. Among them are: Denver Institute for Humanistic Studies, International Forum on New Science, Global Sciences, The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), Unity Churches, Los Angeles Center for the Healing Arts, The Continuum Center, Claremont Colleges, Humbolt University, Findhorn, Arthur Findlay College, The Alan Watts Society, Church of Science of Mind, The Medical/Scientific Network of Great Britain..

A writer all her life, Elia was first published in the Pittsburgh Press Sunday Magazine as a poet when she was sixteen years old. Her last publication, FOR CHILDREN WHO WERE BROKEN... (Berkley, 1990), was aimed at adults who were treated badly as children. John Bradshaw called it "... a sensitive offering that will touch the frozen pain in any abused inner child's heart." Pia Mellody, codependency expert and author, said "Healing tools don't get any better than this!" Elia has also published a collection of original poems, ARTIFACTS OF INTIMACY, and was honored with a commission to create an original work for Kennedy Center Department of Education.

"From the time I left my parents' home when I was seventeen, I have led a truly extraordinary life," she reflects. "It is only in raising a child as a single parent that I experience an 'ordinary' life. I've discovered the enormous effort that it takes to participate in the daily activities and social interactions of a dysfunctional world. It is clear to me, as I pack lunches and drive rush hour freeways to get my child to school, that pursuing 'higher love and higher consciousness' is a luxury for most of humanity—although it's the only way I know for us to bring genuine joy, meaning and authenticity back into our lives and our world. Unless we expand our consciousness and inspire new ways of living and loving, our children are conscripted to perpetuate humanity’s pain, loneliness and dysfunction in their lives."

Elia lives in Northern California with her young daughter, in a wee woodsy cottage. In the lavender tinted pages that preface LETTER TO EARTH she gives us a glimpse of their home life. Writing to her daughter, in a letter Publishers Weekly calls "achingly beautiful," Elia says, "Where other children may have family, you have many adult friends who come to our home and lift you in their arms. These friends are the visionaries and way-makers of our global awakening. You do not know them as great thinkers and planetary healers important to the transforming world. You know them as important to you. They lift you because of your fullness of spirit is irresistible to them and in holding you, they touch the future to which their lives are devoted."

In her seminal and far-reaching mission work, LETTER TO EARTH, Elia Wise offers a clear and intimate understanding of how we create reality, the multidimensional nature of the Universe and our place as individuals within it. She has something profoundly new to share with humanity about what it means to be a person in the world and in the Universe.

"The answers I am offering live inside the Soul of every one of us. I am simply an early arrival at the convergence of Self and Soul -- an advance scout."

"Every now and then an original thought or discovery enters the world's horizon. LETTER TO EARTH
is such a work."

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