"Letter to Earth" is an inspiring and brilliant explanation of the nature of the Universe and our place as individuals in it. Clearly and intimately we are offered profound answers to questions most of us reluctantly accept as unanswerable: Is there a God? How do things come to be? Why do people get sick, have diseases and suffer? What is the nature of subjectivity? How can humanity free its children of the patterns of the past? Why is it so hard to realize our dreams? Is there validity to predictions of catastrophic Earth changes?

Instinctively you may find yourself nodding your head "Yes" as the wisdom offered matches knowledge living within you, in domains of yourself yet unexplored. This book is neither channeled message nor philosophical theory. Written from direct experience, it is a handbook to the Universe—the operations manual our parents should have given us as soon as we were old enough to seriously ask how and why.

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"We grew up with this book and the author. It is a rare opportunity to be offered a clear and intimate understanding of the Universe. Accept the offering. It will expand your mind and light a fire in your heart."

Dorthy and Burl Ives
Ambassadors of Goodwill
Venerable Balladeer

Previously unrecognized dimensions of reality are becoming self-evident to many upon the earth at this time. The impact is stimulating a shift that will redefine human values and priorities, transforming worldly reality. As we liberate ourselves from a mechanistic world view, we are readying ourselves to experience a spirit-endowed universe and the multidimensional nature of reality. 

Once there was no Earth...and now there is.

Once there was no ocean life...and now there is.

Once there was no animal life...and now there is.

Once there was no human life...and now there is.

Once there was no energy life...and now there is.

Once there was no multidimensional life...

Once there was no Universal spirituality...


"The time is right," says Elia Wise, author of the ground breaking book LETTER TO EARTH. "All the work that millions of people are doing on themselves—in family-of-origin healing, in psychological counseling, in spiritual deepening and in just trying to find peace within themselves in this crazy world—that work is creating change and greater awareness. There's a hunger, a readiness, a receptivity. A large population of people have said there has to be more to life and have gone searching for it. Many are now finding new answers and new values. Letter to Earth is a gift to everyone who's on that journey –and to the children who will follow them."

It's obvious by now that there's a vast awakening—a change in consciousness—occurring worldwide and most visibly in the United States. When the cover story of Business Week magazine is "The growing presence of spirituality in Corporate America" (11/1/99), we can be relatively certain the phenomenon isn't just another California fad.

Millions of Americans of every age, from all walks of life, in every corner of the nation are asking profound questions: Is there meaning to this life, and how do I find it? Is there a God? Why do people suffer? How can we free ourselves and our children from the limiting patterns of the past? If we do create our own realities, as so many transformational books and ancient teachings claim, how exactly do we do it? How does this Universe work? In LETTER TO EARTH Elia Wise offers ground breaking insight and profound answers to these questions.

Asked to describe the book, Wise says, "Letter to Earth is an operating manual for humanity. It's what we should have gotten from our parents when we started asking how and why, but they didn't have the answers to give us. Letter to Earth helps us understand what we are doing here, how life works on planet Earth and what it really means to be a person. It helps us to see ourselves—in ways that are both practical and liberating –from the perspective of a larger universe."

"Right now we are actually killing ourselves," Wise continues, "by being more and more successful at ideas that don't work—the 'have more, do more' notion that the meaningfulness of life can come from what you produce rather than how you live and love. So much of what people have to offer is tucked away in their desk drawers or being shared with just a handful of friends because they don’t have the stamina or the desire to shape it for entry into the reigning commercial marketplace. The arts, the philosophy and the social values of a new culture are being born in this way. They are emerging now in our awareness and our attitudes, and in our willingness to say I've had enough of this materialism, excessive busyness and competition. I am making another choice, a choice for something that might actually give me a meaningful and fulfilling life. Letter to Earth supports that process. It gives us fundamental tools for building a better and more conscious world."

The book consists of 22 "letters," or brief essays, answering fundamental questions of human existence and life on Earth. Among the topics: "Who runs the switchboard? Is there a God," "How do things come to be?," "Why do people get sick and suffer?," "How can we free our children from the limiting patterns of the past?," "Why is it so hard for people to realize their dreams?," "Is there life after death?" and "What can be done to change the world?"

Wise explains that we are all "multidimensional" beings, citing common shared experiences that point to these dimensions: "Where are you when you suddenly realize you haven't been aware of driving your car, but you've been covering miles on 'automatic pilot' ...and who was driving the car? Who's dreaming when you're asleep…and where are you when you're dreaming? How about those moments of déjà vu, when you feel like you've lived the same moment before—or when you go somewhere for the first time and feel like you've been there before, or you meet someone for the first time but feel sure you've met them before? What about experiences of synchronicity that are too meaningful or purposeful to be happenstance? These are bleed throughs from other dimensions of our reality. They're always going on but we aren't usually conscious of them. They happen at different speeds and rhythms of perception that we don't usually slip into.

Many fine books and hundreds of years of intuitive knowledge have told us that we do create our own realities. Letter to Earth explains how. The key to the book," says Wise, "is that it explains how we produce reality, how we are creating our lives. This is what makes it so important and so timely to our personal and collective transformational process."

Millions of people know that creative visualization and affirmation work, that energy communicates and heals, that intention and thought cause manifestation, that nature interacts with us in meaningful ways and that synchronicity is more than random coincidence. We know this from our direct experience. Letter to Earth explains how these things work and why they work so that we can begin to understand, rather than have an abstract or even occult sense of these phenomena.

"In our culture, we are all such human doings, rather than human being," says Wise. It's almost automatic for us when confronted with material as profound, powerful and potentially life-altering as that found in Letter to Earth, to ask "what should I DO now that I know all of this?"

In her unconditional and reassuring way, Elia Wise has the perfect answer. "I know this is not the popular view," she cautions. "But the popular view is running us around in more circles, faster. Let's entertain another possibility. What if there's nothing we have to do except be. We just need to be ourselves, doing the things we love to do or are inspired to do because we are moved from within to do them, not because they are prescribed or expected of us. Trust that your state of being has integrity and is drawing you into exactly what you need. All you need to do is be in the moment you're in—with full presence. Getting to full presence is the personal and collective challenge—not doing more, better."

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