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How do we in the Cosmos know when you need our help? Do we hear you?

We do "hear" you. If you follow an inquiry or exploration to its furthest point in the available resources of your planet and are still unable to fulfill your pursuit, you will initiate a stimulus into the Universe. Until you have exhausted your local resources, however, your stimulus is in play in the world as if it were the ball in a racket ball game. It continues to bounce off all available walls and angles until it comes back to you with what you need, or until it delivers what you need from a series of plays. If what you are seeking is beyond the limits of the court, you get to bounce it off the Universe.

You do not have to send a call into the Cosmos intentionally. It happens anyway. It is the nature of inquiry to stimulate response. Any Being in the Universe can stimulate a response from any or all others. In this way all knowledge, wisdom and love in the Universe is available to you….

…All Beings and life-forms in the Universe are able to interact with each other—no matter which dimensions we are focused in, no matter what state of being we inhabit and no matter where we are in space or time…

Without requiring our awareness, yet intensified by our conscious intent, we are all continuously broadcasting to one another, informing one another from within.

The dynamics by which this occurs and the nature of interdimensional interaction is presented in Letter 1 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Who runs the switchboard? Is there a God?

Every time you initiate a course of action, creation, inquiry or feeling, you send a vibrational stimulus into the world. This vibrational broadcast operates like a "call papers" or an employment advertisement. Instead of using the newspaper or mail solicitation, the medium is consciousness and the messenger is Sympathetic Magnetism. Your stimulus is a magnetic call that ripples through the energy of the world and possibly the Universe scanning for resonance and seeking sympathetic alignments.

As your stimulus magnetizes energy that is available for or energy in like pursuit, the people, things, experiences, thought forms feelings that embody this energy are drawn into your awareness. Some stimuli require years to magnetize the energy for their fulfillment or transformation. Some fulfill almost instantly.

…Even a minute alteration of state produces a change in the vibrations that are communicated by you or any other embodiment of frequency and value.

How coincidence and synchronicity work, as well as an explanation of Sympathetic Vibrational Magnetism that begins in this Letter and develops throughout the book, are presented in Letter 2 of LETTER TO EARTH.



How were we chosen for this dialogue with Humanity?

The Universal Beings who best embody the values that are being explored and developed on your beautiful planet are the ones who come to Earth to help you bring these potentials to realization. These Beings do not have to do anything for the job to get done. Since they are the realization being sought, they simply have to be. The very presence of this Being in your system of reality serve to attune your consciousness to the value the Being embodies. Through the Being’s integration into Earth life, the value the Being embodies becomes integrated into Human consciousness.

Whatever you integrate within your consciousness has your consciousness integrated within it. In this way, each measure of each Being's enlightenment moves the whole of the Universe towards unification.

…Each of us has the capacity to illuminate a unique value of All That Is. When your life comes to express the realization of your value, enlightenment occurs. This has an omnipresent impact. The unobstructed consciousness of the essential value you embody beams forth its clarity throughout the Universe. What had been your light, strengthening as you grew, becomes a laser beam capable of permeating, informing and illuminating al Beings who are open to its gift. This is how we come to have eras and epochs of values, understanding and perception on Earth.

How Beings from the Greater Universe assist us individually and collectively is presented in Letter 3 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Do we who come from beyond the Earth actually live somewhere?

Everything in the Universe has form in some dimension, although it may not resemble form as you know it. Form is defined by the system of reality in which a Being chooses to express itself.

To manifest in any system of reality a Being must conform to that system’s dimensional coordinates. When you are sailing in open waters with no land in sight, identifying coordinates of latitude and longitude locates you in relation to the invisible land and the seemingly boundless sea. The same is true when you are navigating the multidimensional Universe. Dimensional coordinates, as well as coordinates of magnetism and frequency, locate you in relation to invisible systems of reality and seemingly boundless consciousness. Without these coordinates we would bump into ourselves, each other, and other reality systems more often than we do.

…A black hole in your dimensional space is another reality system whose coordinates interface with those of Earth. It is a locus of being for a collective identity, just as Earth is a locus of being for the collective Human identity. The collective or star referred to as a black hole is neither dead nor gone. Its focus of consciousness is temporarily redirected into other dimensional coordinates that preclude its appearance in your space/time continuum. The field your scientists interpret to be unoccupiable and inescapable is actually holding the star's place in space, the way you might put a reserved sign on your airplane seat if you wanted to get off for a walk between legs of a flight. Because the collective identity of the star has taken a walk somewhere your consciousness cannot currently reach, instead of perceiving its manifestation, you perceive it as being sealed off behind its own event horizon, a gap in your space/time continuum. Actually, it is sealed off from your perception by Humanity’s current consciousness horizon.

The relationship of another reality system to that of the Earth, the nature of black and white holes, and insight into the near future of Humanity’s transformational process are presented in Letter 4 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Do we who come from beyond the Earth have superpowers like Obewan Kenobe, Superman or Merlin?

There are people on Earth now who are capable of forms of self-expression that are extraordinary, relative to the current state of Human development. Some of them are Cosmic Beings, living among you to inform you of Universality and to inform themselves of Humanity. Most of them are Human Beings who are unified with their Soul and its resources. Their lives demonstrate greater dimensions of what it means to be a person. …

Until you are liberated to trust your own inner-direction, your experience will be limited by your beliefs. Once you are liberated to follow your own inner-direction, your experience will shape your beliefs.

The nature of psychic communication, the nature of Soul and the power of highly developed senses are presented in Letter 5 of LETTER TO EARTH.



How do things come to be?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I regret that I can find no way to drawn an excerpt from this letter. It is one integrated body of thought.

How we create reality and how life on Earth has come to be are presented in Letter 6 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Is it possible to transcend subjectivity and see things as they really are?

Subjectivity enables you to be the creator of your own life experience by allowing you to empower objects and situations with infinite variability and meanings. …

The capacity to empower objects and situations with subjective meanings is an inherent mechanism for self-healing. It enables you to spontaneously heal something that may have happened many years ago. …

When you recreate the variables of a past moment of experience your current subjectivity costumes them in such a way that the historic incident need not be apparent. The synthesis of frequencies from the historic moment realigns you with the energy of that moment, providing an opportunity for healing and regeneration the values that were originally impacted. The process is entirely subjective. Whether you are conscious or unconscious of having invoked the old, you are by subjectivity to imbue its variables with new meanings. The way you internalize the stimuli of the new moment can transform the pain and significance of the old, creating a moment of spontaneous healing. This is the alchemy of spontaneous self-healing. It happens frequently throughout your life, although usually without your awareness.

The process by which spontaneous self-healing occurs and the objective nature of the values that inspire reality are presented in Letter 7 of LETTER TO EARTH.



What happens when a person becomes enlightened?

Enlightenment calls you to accustom yourself to the internal quietude of knowing rather than the clamoring tension of questioning. This transition changes your rhythms of being. In the new rhythms of enlightenment, all the Universe flows through you and you are effortlessly informed of the potential of each moment. So informed, you are empowered to facilitate the realization of this potential by providing stimuli to liberate whatever is inhibiting the potential from manifesting. …

It is the nature of energy to be responsive. Energy does not discriminate with regard to content. Any time you focus and direct energy toward a creative end, you are aligning your Human will with the energy of Creation and you will experience measure of empowerment. You may feel and express this empowerment as strength, direction or validation; or you may feel and express it as control, powerfulness or superiority. Whether your will focuses and directs creatively toward something born from all-serving inspiration or something born from self-serving manipulation, the superficial experience is the same: empowerment. Regardless of the content or morality of your action, the creative application of will you a feeling of personal power.

Whether you are ruled by your ego or served by your ego is your choice. Values and integrity are for the individual to discern. Therein lies enlightenment, the only true and lasting power. Aspiring to control rather than to Universal alignment, or to gain rather than to collective integrity, are parts of the same process at different amplitude levels of consciousness and love. Eventually the self-serving self uses up the satisfactions of power and feels the desire for love. When this happens, power redefines to the Universal level and a life that was trapped in circles of power is liberated into spirals of empowerment.

The role of the teacher or guru, the nature of response ability, and how bilocation works are presented in Letter 8 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Why do people get sick, have diseases and experience pain?

The people of Earth have come to a unique juncture in their planetary history. Already launched into a new paradigm and poised on the cusp of planetary planetary transmutation, many people are experiencing manifestations of disease that would not otherwise be prevalent. The conditions that enable your eventual transmutation into a more enlightened state of being also enable a unique spectrum of disintegrations, including auto--immune system dysfunctions.

There are two profound changes in progress in the nature
of your planet that temporarily heighten your physical vulnerability, while producing the alchemical conditions for planetary transmutation into a more enlightened state of being: A change in Earth’s frequency amplitudes and a change in Earth’s magnetism. Both are well under way. …

With time destabilizing and consciousness expanding, it is no wonder so many people feel overwhelmed, rushed, and increasingly aware that their current way of life is unnatural. These intensifications are transitional impacts of the increasing vibrational amplitude of Earth's frequencies. There will be a point where this transforms into profound simplicity and a new rhythm of being. Depending upon how global the scope of this syntropy is, this point of simplicity can be a personal or collective enlightenment, a transformation or a transmutation consciousness.

Current practical and metaphysical influences on personal and planetary health, as well as why everything feels like it is going faster, are presented in Letter 9 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Is there validity to predictions of catastrophic changes to the Earth?

My insight on the matter of Earth changes has as much to do with what my body tells me as with what my Universal knowledge affords me. In this life experience on Earth I am a woman. I know the body of the Earth through my womanhood. I cycle with her moons and tides. I bear her future generations in her rhythms, by her design. I am not in a position superior to a man for this knowing; I am in a different position. Both genders are indigenous to the Earth and wholly include her nature. As a man in current civilization I would know the Earth through her forces; as a woman, through her capacities. As a man I would better know the strength of Earth's will; as a woman, her strength of willingness. The more I become aligned with my Soul resources, the more the qualities associated with each gender become embodied by the other…

Does this planet Earth erupt, quake and drown its chaos any more or less than her people do? Can a multitude of people generate deep work at their core of origin, undergoing great upheaval and reorganization, without the Earth—their context of embodiment—rumbling and shaking to spew out its dross and resettle in true identity, its unmanipulated state of integrity? Of course the Earth is changing with intensity—you are changing with intensity. Collectively you have come to the end of your capacity for denial and avoidance of your internal disruption. You can no longer maintain the schism between your Being and your behavior. …

How the necessary changes can be made and who can make them, as well as insight into near-future transformational processes, are discussed in Letter 10 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Why is it so hard for people to realize their dreams?

The best way to realize your dreams is to live to the fullest the moment you are in. Each moment will bring before you your next opportunity for dream fulfillment. If what the moment offers you does not look like your dream, it is an opportunity for growth that is prerequisite to your dream.

In addition to embracing what the moment before you offers, there is another way to empower the realization of a dream. If you stand on the outside of a dream, imagining it, your magnetism for attracting what you need in order to bring that dream into reality is relatively weak. Realizing a dream from the outside is like trying to paint a huge mural of intensely colored images with an airbrush. Each time you focus your energy on your dream a diffused spray of dream paint gets airbrushed into reality. Eventually, layer by layer, substantive images will be amassed and elements from your dream will begin to appear in your life, but an airbrush is a highly inefficient tool for the job.

Why not inhabit your dream from the start.

How to inhabit a dream and the strengths and limitations of creative visualization are presented in Letter 11 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Is there good and evil in the Greater Universe?

Consider a Universe reality that is nonjudgmental, its powers and potentials not intrinsically limited or enhanced by ideas of good and bad. How do you feel about a Universe whose potentials are not protected from use by any prerequisite standard of personal ethics or spiritual awareness? …

… Liberation from dualism brings the understanding that there is no inherently destructive force. There is only energy, in endless configurations, constantly moving through varying conditions of ignorance and enlightenment, toward self-realization and Universal integrity.

The nature and source of apparent negativity, the devil, and duality are discussed in Letter 12 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Do we in the Cosmos have relationships and fall in love?

…Space/time being an option for us rather than a constant, it is nearly impossible for us to become contained within any relationship. Our individual magnetism and our multidimensionality assure that we will each continue to experience dimensions of personal and Universal reality beyond those aligned between us ….

We are constantly informing, enriching and inspiring one another, but we do not address ourselves to the process by which this occurs. We are sufficiently secure in ourselves, and in our trust of one another, to live without keeping track of our relationships in a linear or analytical fashion. This affords us great emotional and creative freedom.

If we wish to know the intimate content that resulted in another’s expression we need only invite that Being into a merge… Many sensitive people in your society are beginning to experience their capacity for this type of merging.

…The capacity to transcend boundaries provides all people with an exceptional opportunity to experience as another person experiences. In defining boundaries as a means of protection and of keeping things out, your current culture has popularized a misconception. By making choices in truthful response to your nature, boundaries are naturally produced around what you include until you grow to include All That Is and boundaries become meaningless.

The nature of boundaries and a comparison between intimate relationships on the Earth and those of another dimension are presented in Letter 13 of LETTER TO EARTH.



How can Humanity free its children from the patterns of the past?

…Responding to the stimuli that come from your children is the same as responding to your own inner direction. Essentially, their joyful purity is your inner direction, and the stimuli they provide are your opportunities to reconstruct the integrity of your own identity.

…You have recently discovered that little ones have extra-ordinary learning capacities. This is true. Why busy these exceptional capacities with the unexceptional content of academic learning? Traditional education is integral to your civilization and will become a part of their knowledge in ample time for meaningful use. Your children's early capacities for learning are profound precisely because they precede the imposition of worldly constructs of intelligence. Until these resources are entrained by worldly patterns or directed elsewhere, they enable each child to continue to adjust his or her frequency/value for self-realization in the world by engaging with multidimensional stimuli that worldly minds rarely perceive. Why harness the profound potentials of an infant or preschooler and address them to the mundane? The profound learning capacities of prenatal and preschool children are not needed for these ends.

The impact of the father during pregnancy, socialization and feeding of our young ones, and the impact of fairy tales are presented in Letter 14 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Is it possible for all of Humanity to share a common vision?

It is more than theoretically possible for Humanity to share a common vision. You have already done it. Your planet Earth could not have come to be unless all those who formulated its reality shared a common vision at its point of conception.

A reality system is born when a collective of Beings shares a conception of Universal values that has no existing environment for its realization.

Author’s note: It is impossible to further excerpt from this letter—you have to read it!

How a reality system is created, who fuels it , and the nature of syntropy are presented in Letter 15 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Is there life after death?

There are dimensions that precede, dimensions that follow, dimensions that surround, and dimensions that live within every experience you will ever have. Unless you are conscious of your multidimensionality, when you are focused in any set of dimensional coordinates it is the whole of your frame of reference. It can seem to be the whole of reality.

The Human body is like a body of thought or a body politic; it is everchanging. When you are an adult you do not mourn the loss of your five-year old body, nor do you worry because your adolescent body has ceased to be. You accept the transformations from wee baby to toddler, young child to adolescent, and adult to senior, as natural. Yet, where did all those bodies go? Where are those manifestations you were once so invested in? These changes and disappearances are no greater or lesser than changing from a Human body to a light body, or assuming any other state of embodiment. When you pass from any one state of being into any other you become completely involved in the new state. It is a spontaneous response.

All states of being are equal relative to their purposes.

The experience between life forms, proof of the continuance of life, and the multidimensionality in relation to death are discussed in Letter 16 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Do people need to surrender free will to discover their spiritual nature?

In its most profound service free will enables you to live the life of the creator, to be the source of your own universe of reality. Through it the subtleties and nuances of All That Is come to be discovered and manifest with ever-changing variety. …

As creators who are empowered by free will you have collectively produced a reality you do not respect. Attributing these willful creations to Human nature, rather than to Human unconsciousness, diminishes your respect for yourself, Humanity, free will and nature. This causes you to suffer. People suffer when they freely and willfully make choices that diminish them.

Even if you have no intention of growing in consciousness and you do nothing purposeful to expand your understanding of All That Is, matriculation from childhood to senior adulthood will produce growth in your consciousness and understanding. When you do not make growth-producing choices at the conscious level of your will, the fundamental magnetism of your superconscious and your subconscious makes them anyway. Your superconscious will draw you toward that which fulfills your purposes for being alive on Earth. Your subconscious will draw you toward self-mastery of that which inhibits you—by frequently producing it, actually or metaphorically.

In some religious and spiritual contexts free will has come to be characterized as a seductive force, responsible for divergence from the path of divinity or enlightenment. It is suggested that surrender of individual free will is the means to unification with higher powers of divinity or enlightenment.

You cannot transcend that which you have not mastered.

The nature of free will and the role of free will in relation to spiritual and religious paths are presented in Letter 17 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Where do people go when they are dreaming or out-of-body?

Where have you been when you suddenly realize you have not been conscious of driving your car, yet you somehow got where you were going on automatic pilot? Where are you when the experience you are having while sleeping or meditating feels too real to be a dream?

… Astral space is a transitional zone within and surrounding each planetary and dimensional reality system in the Universe. It is not an astral "plane," as it is often called, but an integral network of dimensional spaces, or zones. Astral zones provide a similar function for all Beings in the Universe, not just Human Beings. They are transitory zones of consciousness where temporal realities are created by those who have cause to produce them.

Each ongoing reality system in the Universe is founded upon a uniquely integrated and different organization of the same values. Astral space is the only exception. It is the only interactive space in the Universe with no predefined organization of Universal values. This unique condition allows it to equally serve Beings from different reality systems with different organizations of values. Its nature is to reflect whatever you bring to it. This reflective nature is why some people experience danger, hostility and conflict in astral space

Astral space is a transitional zone within and surrounding each planetary and dimensional reality system in the Universe. It is not an astral "plane" as it is often called, but an integral network of dimensional spaces, or zones. Astral zones provide a similar function for all Beings in the Universe, not just Human Beings. They are transitory zones of consciousness where temporal realities are created by those who have cause to produce them.

The nature and working dynamics of astral space, as well as the nature of multiple personality disorder, are presented in Letter 18 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Are there extraterrestrial visitors?

Greater Universe have always been in contact with Earth and her people. They have been capable of reaching you from the dawn of your civilization. They have, in fact, joined you periodically in those times and places throughout history where popular thinking allowed for their existence. Evidence of these visits is found in your many artifacts showing winged Beings or Beings who travel in winged vehicles.

There is good reason why the people of Earth are not further progressed in reaching other life in the Cosmos. …The vibrational construction of your ideas and your hardware is not sympathetic with the physical and mental environments you seek to reach. It is too dense.

… The natural resources of the Earth are not products for your consumption; they are agents of your preservation. These natural resources are the storehouse of elemental stimuli the Earth uses to regenerate herself. The substances you think of as sellable resources are the physical mediums for alchemical transmutation of poisons, and the conduit for communication of vibrational stimuli and frequencies that secure your planetary stability.

When advanced extraterrestrial civilizations pursue the development of technology, they study the nature of Universal reality to find models for their technological expansion. If an idea cannot be realized in concert with the environment, they toss out as an unsatisfactory or immature idea. When an idea is found to be consistent with Universal values and local nature, research and development is begun. This self-respecting value system is not legislated. It is the inspiring ethical code of the civilizations that prosper within it. With these controls of integrity, every step of scientific progress produces by-products that expand the well-being and creative options of their societies and the Greater Universe.

The nature of life in the Greater Universe is presented in Letter 19 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Are there involuntary extraterrestrial encounters?

The advanced and the enlightened societies in the Universe are ethically self-governed by their understanding of integrity and the multidimensional creative process. Their wisdom precludes them from interfering with the actions of those who are differently developed than they are. While this means they do not impose themselves on Humans, it also means they do not impose themselves on other Beings who do impose themselves on Humans.

…Those who perpetuate involuntary encounters with Humans are actually few in number. … It is important to understand that these Beings are not evil. The problem is that they are neither emotional nor relational. They have no need to relate to one another with subjective consideration because they are not emotionally differentiated from one another. It is their belief that all Beings in the Universe are interdependent. From this they conclude that all Human Beings have implicitly agreed to cooperate with them. Any interaction with a Human hat serves the growth of their understanding appears to them to serve the whole Universe. Although these beliefs are currently misconceived in both meaning and application, they reflect essential truths of our multidimensional Universal integralism.

Unwelcome encounters and the way in which more enlightened Universe Beings relate to these encounters are presented in Letter 20 of LETTER TO EARTH.



Where is there evidence that we are all one?

The fact that billions of people are simultaneously experiencing unique realities and the world has not collapsed from discontinuity should be evidence of cooperation within a unified system of vast tolerance and variability.

Every Being in the Universe, Human or otherwise, is a unique constellation of All That Is. Each of us is a composite containing every value in the Universe. In this way each person contains all people and each Being embodies the Universe. … While we are all composed of the same frequencies and values, no two Beings constellate all the values in exactly the same way. Each of us will put the pieces of the whole together in a different order or stream of consciousness, generating from our own value. This resource of combinant values is to the Universe as the gene pool is to Humankind.

Only direct experience will take you beyond faith or an intellectual embrace of oneness. The fact that billions of people are simultaneously experiencing unique realities and the world has not collapsed from discontinuity, should be evidence of cooperation within a unified system of vast tolerance and variability. The fact that you can find my experience within you, and I can find yours within me, is another demonstration of the oneness of all things that appear to be separate.

The relationship of individual to the collective and the role of multidimensionality in oneness are presented in Letter 21 of LETTER TO EARTH.



What can be done to change the world?

The alchemical way to change the world is to align your-self with Universal values. …Do not worry that in opening the pursuit of Universal values you will bump into the conflicting moral values that are established among you. Universal values do not conflict. They are more fundamental than dualistic morality. If values are colliding rather than seeking union, they are not Universal values and you need to simplify further.

… The key to weathering the chaos of your societal transformation is to promote and support a reprioritization of values. Shift your focus from "having" to "being." This will not put an end to enterprise and acquisition. It will insure their integrity and social responsibility. You are called to redesign the existing structures of your society to higher levels of function.

Existing structures need to be preserved. The continuity of structure prevents disorientation. When new functions become integral, necessary transformations of structure are evident to all and readily undertaken. To imagine that you will do everything in a different way is to assure escalating personal and social chaos. To imagine that you will do many things the same way but with greater understanding integrity is to produce a stable ground for transformation.

The relationship of Humanity to the resources of the Greater Universe, transformative tools, and guidance on how to get there from here are presented in Letter 22 of LETTER TO EARTH.

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