THOM HARTMAN, author of "The Last Hours of Sunlight", says: "LETTER TO EARTH is profound, insightful, inspiring, and the sort of book you will reread for years to come. A cornerstone contribution to the transformation of the world!"

JEREMIAH ABRAMS, coeditor of, "Meeting the Shadow", says: "Elia Wise has given us the operating manual we didn't get at birth. This is a must read for all of us."

LIBRARY JOURNAL, says: "Prefaced by a letter to her three-year-old daughter, to whom the author bequeaths her.unorthodox wisdom, these writings explore several immense questions, such as "How can humanity free its children from the patterns of the past?" and "What can be done to change the world?" The answers that emerge are extraordinary and inspiring, grounded in "New Science," a field of thought that takes into account the transformational role of consciousness in all human endeavors, from science to spirituality. Wise, who has taught healing arts and been involved with consciousness research for over twenty years, offers a lucid and unusual discussion of the multdimensional nature of reality that will intrigue even skeptical readers. An original, beautifully written work that definitely stretches the limits of accepted knowledge about the role of human consciousness in the universe."

says: "Warmly received by spiritual thinkers Neale Donald Walsch and Matthew Fox, Wise’s eloquent, challenging work…opens with an achingly beautiful letter to her young daughter about why she chose the task of explaining what she believes to be universal truths. …Even readers who become impatient with abstract discussions of life-force energy will benefit from perservering with this book and contemplating Wise’s insights."

, says: "Wise writes lovingly and oh, so tenderly... Worth reading? Definitely. are bound to get a lot of insight from these appealing reassuring and earnest expressions of love and light."

INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER, says: "Profound! And intriguing. Every now and then an original thought or discovery enters the world's horizon. LETTER TO EARTH is such a work."

, says: "Bravo! LETTER TO EARTH is sure to start a spirited public dialogue."

, says: "Humanity is on the brink of an Age of Inspired Realism in which we will be able to integrate knowledge of the mulitdimensional nature of things into a coherent whole, inclusive of both science and spirituality. But our transformation to this state depends on the love we bring to bear, writes Elea Wise, in her beautifully produced compendium of wisdom, LETTER TO EARTH."

NEW AGE RETAILER, says: "Elia Wise has undertaken a tremendous project -explaining the workings of the universe- and accomplished this task with inspired grace.... Her ideas are presented in concise and straightforward style, the style of a teacher or master speaking to an eager student...."

TONY TRUPIANO, 75 syndicated radio stations, says: "Astounding! This book is astounding. LETTER TO EARTH offers us insights that could change the foundations of modern thinking."

PAUL GONZALES, UNITED BROADCASTING NETWORK, says: "...insights of classical magnitude. LETTER TO EARTH belongs on your bookshelf next to Plato and Aristotle."


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