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READER: I often wish I was less numb to the opportunities that 'difficulties' afford and am most eager to grow beyond the point of attracting pain as a teacher. It seems to me now that pain becomes evident only as a kind of last resort attention-getter. Necessary sometimes for the Universe to overstep the self-created boundaries of the ego/historically-entrenched point-of-view in order to get you back into the garden and off the sidewalk. It appears to me to be evidence of subconscious disconnection somewhere within that needs to be opened.

ELIA: Pain is not the teacher. You are the teacher. Pain is a manifestation of resistance—be that resistance distrust of inner knowing, fear, or attachment. Pain appears to be a "last resort" because by the time you acknowledge it you have used up all your manipulations and are left with only your resistance (pain) or your allowing (freedom).

In fact, the pain instates as soon as the resistance begins. One displaces it into efforts to control or manipulate—until one is strong enough (not weak enough, as is so often misperceived) to see his or her own resistance. Pain tells us we are invested in acts of will… when it is acts of willingness that will free us.

Now, as to the notion that ‘the Universe needs to overstep your self-limiting boundaries to get you into the garden and off the sidewalk’…

From the enlightened Universe point-of-view there is no preferred garden and no lesser sidewalk. Those distinctions and what they imply belong entirely to the judging, comparing mind of the dualistic perspective. For the Soul or Guiding Forces of the Universe, wherever you choose to be next, that’s where you are. All points can lead to God because God/Enlightenment/Self-Realization is all that is. When you believe yourself to be out of the garden and not in a state worthy of insight or guidance, you place those resources outside the moment you are in. Your comparing, judging mind isolates you from the inspirations that enlighten.

As I was recently reminded by a most splendid teacher: The mind is a support tool for figuring out how to organize and accomplish practical matters. Employ it only when you need it.

READER: I have now written two pages of my personal story just to get to the question I want to ask you and I have barely scratched the surface. I feel like I need tell you the story of my life for you to know why I am where I am and how you can assist me in coming into experience of my multidimensional resources.

ELIA: What you are offering me is indeed "story"—the where-I-came-from-story. What I am about to say to you is not the conventional wisdom and not the popular belief system of our culture at this time in history, but it is a key to experiencing the multidimensional truth of yourself…

Each time you recount the story of your life you are renewing it with the energy of now—and your re-identification with it consumes the potential of now by circumscribing it with that storyline. Now is forced to inhabit that container and conform to that storyteller’s voice and dimensionality.

Yes, our life stories are powerful, meaningful, unique and valuable, but rarely do we perceive the essential meaning or value of our experience in what we construct as our "story." The meanings we usually select are rarely infused with multidimensional insight—rarely do they unlock our perception of the purpose and potential of our lives. Instead we craft our stories from a limited menu of limited worldly meanings, from the emotional, psychological, religious and symbolic categories to which we are acculturated, and unknowingly saddle our magnitude of Being with these relatively narrow lenses.

To date we have no other visible models for self-perception. Most of those who live multidimensional or enlightened lives are neither writers nor publicly visible. With no models but the well told tales of human conflict, gain and perseverance toward "success" at whatever their story is about, it is no wonder people live and die building their stories, without coming to any essential enlightenment through them.

Recognition of the reoccurring behavioral patterns and choice points is indeed significant to the psychological and emotional development of the character who’s story it is, but those levels of the character are going to die when their writer dies. The psychological and emotional Universe that is occupied only by the one person who has fashioned it as their habitat will fall away—leaving WHAT?? The essential character of THE REAL STORY!! The Being who embodies a value that it seeks to bring to realization in itself AS ITSELF…and in the world as an omnipresence that awakens all to its nature and its nature in all.

The stuff we make our stories of and the meanings we derive from emotional and psychological systems of meaning are the by-products of human unconsciousness and the world patterns it has produced. This is what the unenlightened world offers us, what fills the wardrobe closet our essential characters are cloaked in—unless we liberate ourselves from those stories and their costumes. Why spend the whole of our lives identified with the threadbare costumes of past generations whose stories in the world genre did not lead them to enlightenment" Why not set your story free from these self-limiting confines?

So what if there is NO story? What then will you have? How then will you live...and share? To what then will you apply your poetic authorship and creatorhood? What if all the past is not a prolog? What then is it? What would it take to simply be fully present without cartography tools—no mapping, no tracking for meanings in the subjective personal realm? What might the freedom of living in the realm of essential truths rather than subjective or metaphoric truths be like? What is there to lose by giving up your story? If you can name something you would lose, then I suggest you willingly give it up—not by discarding it but by releasing your attachment to it.

You may think this sounds like a lifetime of spiritual work. It can be or it can be a moment--a moment in which you BE in the new way...and the months of reinforcing it that will naturally follow until you have moved everything out of the old story and into your present moment.

To become truly free, truly an enlightened Being, one does not resolve one's past or pain—except in the thin psychological dimensions of subjective consciousness with which popular culture is now fascinated. Instead one dissolves one's past identity constructions—the "story" wherein the pain and past are maintained—through the radical action of identifying with an inspired, inner directed, unfettered self. Through this identification one’s multidimensional identity becomes self-evident…and one’s previous perception of self and story elicit only a wizened half smile.

READER: So... what if there is NO story? Well then we are finished with contrast and that is fine - can everyone play NOW? In such a case as this 'what if', I/You/WE would have it ALL and knowing thus be One with one another. What more could I/You/We want? What more could One possibly hope to share than that? If all the past is not prolog, it is merely bits and strands of limited perspective, encapsulated awareness, bubbles of intent and consciousness foaming on a sea of consciousness like froth on the ocean's surface.

ELIA: Indeed. Waves passing on water.

READER: How do we come to the knowledge you have and share in LETTER TO EARTH?

ELIA: For each person who reads this response, I would want to answer this to offer a stimulus that is sympathetic in vibration with their development and current inquiry, so I cannot give you a specific answer. I can, however, offer an answer that will be ever true: We come to Universal knowledge, understanding and wisdom by finding stillness and reaching within ourselves for our intuitive and spiritual knowing. Any inquiry held deeply, in a state of nonjudgmental openness to response, will lead you to the essential value from which your inquiry derives. Everything that IS, all the by-products of human unconsciousness and its meaning-making, derive from essential values—fundamental elements of God/Source/True Being. It may be removed by many generations of misinterpretation. It may be misaligned or it may be fully inverted, but everything in the world derives from—and therefore embodies—essential Universal values.

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