M.F. SCHLITZ, Doctor of Science, University of Zurich Fellowship of Scientists, says: "LETTER TO EARTH establishes viable foundations for a science of consciousness. The theories it presents substantiate and unify the work generations of intuitive thinkers and writers. This is seminal thinking that can liberate us in understanding the Universe."

WILLIS HARMAN, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, President Emeritus, Institute of Noetic Scientists, says: "This book could change the world. If hard scientists will read it and extrapolate, they will see a new world view."

MATTHEW FOX, author, THE REINVENTION OF WORK THE PHYSICS OF ANGELS, says: "Beautiful and serene, lucid and wise, this book challenges us to get a life -an inner life. One wonders if its origin is indeed from another sphere, one that could be called angelic."

DOROTHY and BURL IVES, Ambassadors of Goodwill, Burl Ives, Venerable balladeer, say: "We grew up with this book and the author. It is a rare opportunity to be offered a clear and intimate understanding of the Universe. Accept the offering. It will expand your mind and light a fire in your heart."

ALAN M. ABROMOVITZ, M.D., says: "LETTER TO EARTH is a brilliantly conceived and elegantly expressed view of humanity as it is, and how it can be upon awakening the inner goodness of all being. A guiding light of wisdom and understanding and knowledge satisfying even the most discerning intellect and identifying the nature of true responsibility as the doorway to the realization of health and happiness."

A reader from Maui, Hawaii, says: Inspiring wisdom for our time. Elia Wise is an stellar visionary. I found myself fascinated as she offered answers to questions I have felt within myself, but have never been quite able to articulate. Her perspective, full of compassion and encouragement, is told with a precision of language which is truly astounding. I could literally feel my brain having to expand to take it all in.

Letter to Earth is a must read for anyone seriously inquiring into the nature of the Self and our place in the cosmos.

A Reader from Seattle, Washington, says: A life-transforming experience all should share. I found Elia Wise’s book to be utterly fascinating and incredibly helpful to me in my understanding of the nature of “reality,” and what my role is in creating my own life experiences. We have all grown up with unanswered questions, hoping one day that we would find the answers. Well, “Letter To Earth” supplies the answers to so many of these questions, I can’t imagine choosing NOT to read it. At present, I am reading it for the second time and my ability to understand what is being presented has only deepened. It is as if the first reading of the book changed me so fundamentally, that in the second reading, I am reading it with new eyes, a new mind, a greater willingness and capacity to expand my human potential even further.

The book is stunningly beautiful and it is impossible not to see the loving care that went into its creation. It is truly a "gift" to humanity and it would be a crime should it not be shared with all those whose minds and hearts are big enough to take it in.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. The world seems to be at a crossroads right now and the wisdom and insight presented in this important work are just what is needed if we are to learn how to create a more harmonious and satisfying future for ourselves... and our children.

MICHAEL C., says: Letter to Earth is a treasure. Having read most of the "spiritual books" a decade ago during my hardcore seeking years, I ended up with a nasty case of intellectual indigestion. Now I only read books about finding. It is celebrated so well in Letter to Earth... it's easy to find models for seeking but where are the models for finding?

The question and answer format Ms Wise uses is so timely. These are indeed the questions we all ask, the important questions like "How do things come to be?" and "Why is it so hard for people to realize their dreams." She articulates the ideas so well, like she is in a personal dialogue with the reader... very unusual... a very brave undertaking. Compelling. It isn't like you get the answers... it's more like you get a fresh set of possibilities to live into.
The cover of the book, texture of the pages and the overall feel is designed down to the last detail to be cuddled up to. It even has a cool bookmark to keep track of those paragraphs that keep jumping off the pages.

DAN from Chicago, says: Letter to Earth: Extraordinary wisdom Letter to Earth, by Elia Wise, is written in a question and answer format from the point of view of a consciousness that is able to address some of life’s deepest and most intriguing questions. Among the many subjects it answers is how we create our reality (it may not be exactly what you think) and how we interact with the larger universe. Probably more important is the information on how we are evolving humanity as a whole and as individuals.

Letter to Earth begins with a letter that the author is writing to her young daughter. The letter is very touching, full of love and gentle explanations of why things are the way they are and the opportunities her daughter faces. This is a nice introduction to the book as Ms. Wise continues with a clear, almost affectionate tone throughout the book as she explains the human level of consciousness and it’s opportunities for growth. The reader can directly apply this knowledge to her or his life as the book is read. Indee! d, the readers are the lucky recipients of Ms. Wise’ deep and abiding knowledge and love.

I’m a bit in awe of Letter to Earth. It is like no other book I’ve ever read or held. First of all it’s physically beautiful. The book jacket has amazing designs that somehow seem like it encapsulates knowledge from far away. The book cover itself is a deep purple and the pages have a bit of a ragged edge as if it was a very old book. If you’re sensitive to “vibration” then simply holding the book or being near the book is a great experience in itself. The vibration of the book is visceral and I actually feel great while I’m reading it. But the best thing about the book is the content itself. The chapters easily flow from one subject to the next. I am constantly having that “aha!” experience as I read. I have read the book three times now from cover to cover and I know I’ll be reading it several more times over the next months and years. It is truly a great text that I think! of as contemporary with the world’s great texts on religio! n, spirituality and human growth.

Letter to Earth is to be experienced and not simply read. The book will expand your consciousness many times. It is a true treasure of our times.

MANUELA TERRALUNA, says: A friend leant me your book, and I read it in a state of grateful shock for the beauty, the intelligence, the clarity, the expansion that it was providing me with. I do not normally write to people who write books but this time I feel strongly that I would like MORE of you, of your wisdom, of your truth. My hope is that you do workshops, and that maybe you will do one in Kauai, where I live, because I’d love to participate in one and experience, more deeply than just reading them, the wonders and truths you write so well about. Is there a chance that you will come over to the islands? Please let me know. And if you do have a calendar, a brochure, or whatever other information about your work, do send it to me, so that if you will not come over here, if I can, I will come to where you are offering your gifts.

Thanks for writing such a wonderful and profound book, I look forward to meeting you and experience your work in the near future.

KATRYN LAVANTURE, says: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! is all I can say to you, for writing so clearly and richly what I have "known" for a while now but never took the time to explore and record to the extent that you have. Your writings have reached me at a time when many literal cracks in my consciousness have brought me closer to being a star being integrated into a human life without losing anything in the joining.
Your book carries tremendous energy, as it doubtless was intended to, and it has brought into clearer form for me the constructs and templates that have been trying to form themselves in my system so that I can be more fully activated and engaged as such a being as you describe yourself to be. I am so excited that this information is available to the general public now in a way that's not so woowoo as to turn many people off. (I got this book at Borders) yet is rich and profound beyond words. I am telling all my friends to get this book!

WOODY KEITH, says: Heard you on Hilly Rose last night and I am absolutely blown away with your clarity and understanding.

You knew all the things I knew a long time ago and now when it's in our faces I'm mired and fumbling and mumbling

You bend this limited language and make it work to explain your concept.

Micro-Macro/Macro-Micro never had it so good!

I'm going to get dozens of copies of your book and make sure they get to everyone I know.

You made me think anything's possible again.

BILL, San Diego, says: Thanks for this information, it turns out to be the next synchronous experience for me in pursuit of personal (and Universal) Vision. I will never complain again about having to work a graveyard shift... because this is where I found you :).


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